Skylight Studios has designed, created, and installed monuments and sculptures that commemorate notable historic events and honor our public servants from military branches, police forces, fire departments, and other special forces and public safety officials. Our designs have ranged from heroic-size bronze figures to compact granite markers, and many of the designs also feature a pictorial and written narrative that tells the story of the event or the group. Sometimes there is an existing architectural or natural setting which our design should complement; in other cases, we are asked to design the landscaping or hardscaping as well, which allows for a blank slate and precise integration of the sculpture and its surroundings. Skylight Studios and Robert Shure have had the distinct honor of working with many veterans groups and public safety officials to design and produce a wide variety of monuments and memorials in tribute to those who have served and sacrificed. Sculptor Robert Shure’s ultimate mission when creating a memorial to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for the well-being of others is also to help provide closure for those who have lost loved ones. These monuments are constant tributes that represent our heroes with pride and dignity as well as providing peaceful settings for remembrance and reflection.