From Design to Dedication,” a tradition Skylight Studios has stood behind for over 30 years, began with the extensive guidance artist Robert Shure experienced under master Italian artists Adio di Biccari and Dean Arcangelo Cascieri. Unlike other sculpture studios or art companies, Skylight Studios oversees the entire process of creating a work of fine art: from design, modeling, casting, finishing, and installation to dedication. We provide these design services for any individual or organization as a single project or we incorporate the design process into the scope of a larger project.


Design Sketches

Design sketches are completed showing different potential compositions or ideas that express the same concept. They are based on conversations and ideas expressed by the sculpture committee that we are working with as well as on our analysis of a design composition that would go well at the potential site. These drawings can also show the sculpture or monument at its proposed site, including other elements such as a plaza or landscaping.

Design Sketch

Design Sketch    Design Sketch    Completed Bronze

Design Sketches                                                                                                                                             Completed Bronze



Design Sketches



Site Designs


Clay Maquettes/Scale Models

Once a design is selected based on the preliminary drawings, a clay maquette is created to render the sculptural concept in three dimensions. This is done at a small scale, but the maquette will be used later as a model to enlarge the sculpture to full-scale. At times, a total site model is developed in order to realize how the sculpture will eventually work in situ.