Skylight Studios also sells and distributes high-quality sculpting supplies – modeling clay, sculpting tools, plaster, rubbers and resins. We are an official distributor for manufacturers of the highest quality supplies and materials. You can purchase products from any of the following manufacturers at our studio in Woburn, MA.*


Smooth-On – Smooth-On is your source for mold making and casting materials including silicone rubber and urethane rubber, casting resin, plastic, epoxy resin, lifecasting, and more!  Skylight Studios is an official seller of Smooth-On products.  We stock many of the most popular items in our studio.  You can purchase any product that Smooth-On offers either via drop-shipment or pick-up.  Its best to call us to be sure we have what you may be looking for in stock.

Chavant – Chavant produces clay modeling products that support the transfer of conceptual forms into functional reality. Chavant offers a wide variety of non-drying, wax/oil-based clays, clay tools and many related products for the discriminating sculptor, modeler or pattern-maker.

Sculpture House – Sculpture House provides sculptors with quality sculpting tools and materials for clay modeling, stone and wood carving, mold-making and casting, and ceramics. Skylight Studios can supply any product from Sculpture House.

Caproni Collection – Originally P.P. Caproni and Brother of Boston, MA, the Caproni Collection (formerly the Giust Gallery) is also owned and operated by Robert and Kathleen Shure. The Caproni Collection sells high-quality plaster reproductions of decorative and anatomical sculpture.

*Please call or email us as we do not carry every item in stock.



To create one copy or multiple copies of a sculpture, the fabrication of a mold is the first step. The mold is a copy of the sculpture in the negative. Skylight Studios uses silicon or polyurethane flexible rubber and plaster to create the mold and the mother mold which secures the shape of the rubber. Other materials may be used for moldmaking depending upon the ultimate material the sculpture will be cast in. The highest possible level of detail and accuracy of form is produced in our molds.





After the mold is completed, a cast is created by pouring, brushing or spraying the desired material into a cavity in the mold. Skylight Studios regularly creates bronze, resin, and plaster copies for sculptors although other mediums, such as cement, specialty gypsum, and bonded materials, are also options.




Sculpture Enlargement and Reduction

We are available for turning your sculpture into a larger or smaller version. Time-honored techniques, such as the 3-point measuring system, templating and more recently laser-scanning, have been used. View some examples here.


Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP)

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Resin & Plastics