Skylight Studios, and previously Cascieri & di Biccari, have had a long history of working closely with architects, interior designers, and building owners on many architectural sculpture projects and interior sculpture elements. Our architectural work encompasses features like cornices and friezes as well as adornment such as heraldry, cartouches, ornament, clocks, floor medallions, and fountains. The work is sometimes integrated with restored or new buildings. The works have traditionally been designed and modeled in clay, molded, and cast in a variety of materials including bronze, cast stone, resin, and plaster. Some of our projects for private and public places have also included stone and wood carvings. Our interior design work has been created for many environments, such as private residences, churches, businesses, and hotels. We have worked side by side with designers and contractors to help create works of art and ornament that complement and provide focal points for interior spaces.