The Beginning of Wisdom- Dr. John Pingry Sculpture

Martinsville, NJ

This monumental sculpture is located at the Pingry School in Martinsville, New Jersey and depicts Reverend Dr. John Francis Pingry who founded the School in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1861. Dr. Pingry is shown surrounded by four students of all ages who view him as a mentor. The work is meant to be timeless and to represent Pingry students from the past, present and future. It is seen from a distance as one enters the campus on a long, straight road. As one approaches, it becomes a strong focal point with the dynamic façade of the School as a backdrop. The plaza surrounding the sculpture, the Baldwin Courtyard, is named after David Baldwin (Class of 1947) and Barbara Baldwin who were the benefactors of the monument. A smaller version of the same sculpture was created later for the Pingry Short Hills Campus.