Skylight Studios also sells and distributes high-quality sculpting supplies – modeling clay, sculpting tools, plaster, rubbers and resins. We are an official distributor for manufacturers of the highest quality supplies and materials.

You can purchase products from any of the following manufacturers at our studio in Woburn, MA*

Smooth-On – Smooth-On is your source for mold making and casting materials including silicone rubber and urethane rubber, casting resin, plastic, epoxy resin, lifecasting, and more! Skylight Studios is an official seller of Smooth-On products. We stock many of the most popular items in our studio. You can purchase any product that Smooth On offers either via drop-shipment or pick-up. Its best to call us to be sure we have what you may be looking for in stock.

Chavant – Chavant produces clay modeling products that support the transfer of conceptual forms into functional reality. Chavant offers a wide variety of non-drying, wax/oil based clays, clay tools and many related products for the discriminating sculptor, modeller or pattern maker.

Sculpture House – Sculpture House provides sculptors with quality sculpting tools and materials for clay modeling, stone and wood carving, mold making and casting and ceramics. Skylight Studios can supply any product from Sculpture House.

The Giust Gallery – Formally P.P. Caproni and Bros. of Boston, MA, The Giust Gallery is also owned and operated by Robert and Kathleen Shure. Giust Gallery sells high-quality plaster reproductions of decorative and anatomical sculpture.

*Please call or email us as we do not carry every item in stock.



To create one copy or multiple copies of a sculpture, the fabrication of a mold is the first step. The mold is a copy of the sculpture in the negative. Skylight Studios uses silicon or polyurethane flexible rubber and plaster to create the mold and the mother mold which secures the shape of the rubber. Other materials may be used for moldmaking depending upon the ultimate material the sculpture will be cast in. The highest possible level of detail and accuracy of form is produced in our molds.



After the mold is completed, a cast is created by pouring, brushing or spraying the desired material into a cavity in the mold. Skylight Studios regularly creates bronze, resin, and plaster copies for sculptors although other mediums, such as cement, specialty gypsum, and bonded materials, are also options.

Sculpture Material Choices

Depending on budget, environment and aesthetic qualities, Skylight Studios can fabricate sculpture in a wide variety of materials. Feel free to view some of the samples below.



Bronze is the most enduring, maintenance free and beautiful of materials. Bronze is very well suited for all environments – indoors and outdoors, as well as any climate. It can be finished in a variety of patinas.


Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP)



FRP is an extremely viable alternative to bronze at times, as it is also suitable for outdoors and can be finished to look like many other natural materials including metal, stone, wood, and precast cement. It can also receive a polychromed finish. It is also extremely lightweight in comparison and can be cast and completed in shorter time-frames. FRP is also commonly used in architectural and ornamental elements, whether new or a replication.


Granite & Stone



Skylight Studios sources some of the best granite and stone and often incorporates it within a memorial setting. Elements commonly fulfilled with granite are benches, bases for sculptures and walkways. Granite can also be inscribed with text, logos, drawings or photographs to further enhance a monument and memorial. Granite is often the perfect compliment to bronze art, as it is not only enduring, but pairs aesthetically as well.





Plaster can only be displayed indoors, as it is not resistant to the elements outside. However, it can be a beautiful and pleasing material for original sculpture, reproductions, busts, portraits, animals or casts for artists study. Plaster can also be finished in a wide variety of patinas and can be cast much more quickly compared to bronze.


Resin & Plastics


Polyurethane resin is a pourable casting material and is often a substitute for plaster. Resin and other plastics are extremely strong materials – and can also be finished in a choice of any patina. Also, color patina can be mixed with the resin so it becomes intrinsic.