Sculpture Material Choices

Depending on budget, environment and aesthetic qualities, Skylight Studios can fabricate sculpture in a wide variety of materials. Feel free to view some of the samples below.



Bronze is the most enduring, maintenance free and beautiful of materials. Bronze is very well suited for all environments – indoors and outdoors, as well as any climate. It can be finished in a variety of patinas.



Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP)



FRP is an extremely viable alternative to bronze at times, as it is also suitable for outdoors and can be finished to look like many other natural materials including metal, stone, wood, and precast cement. It can also receive a polychromed finish. It is also extremely lightweight in comparison and can be cast and completed in shorter time-frames. FRP is also commonly used in architectural and ornamental elements, whether new or a replication.


Granite & Stone



Skylight Studios sources some of the best granite and stone and often incorporates it within a memorial setting. Elements commonly fulfilled with granite are benches, bases for sculptures and walkways. Granite can also be inscribed with text, logos, drawings or photographs to further enhance a monument and memorial. Granite is often the perfect compliment to bronze art, as it is not only enduring, but pairs aesthetically as well.





Plaster can only be displayed indoors, as it is not resistant to the elements outside. However, it can be a beautiful and pleasing material for original sculpture, reproductions, busts, portraits, animals or casts for artists study. Plaster can also be finished in a wide variety of patinas and can be cast much more quickly compared to bronze.


Resin & Plastics


Polyurethane resin is a pourable casting material and is often a substitute for plaster. Resin and other plastics are extremely strong materials – and can also be finished in a choice of any patina. Also, color patina can be mixed with the resin so it becomes intrinsic.