Skylight Studios has designed and fabricated custom awards and trophies for schools, corporations, museums, and many other professional organizations. Many of these smaller works are also used for fundraising and recognition. They can be produced for a one-time event or annually, as we can make a single piece or an edition of hundreds. We offer a wide variety of materials for the finished work and each piece can be personalized with an engraved plaque.


Boston Police Detectives- "Simon"

Boston Police Detectives- “Simon”

Lawrence, MA Teachers Memorial

Lawrence, MA Teachers Memorial

Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award

USA Hockey’s Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award

















New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Bronze Leadership Award

Bulfinch Building Award

Massachusetts General Hospital Bulfinch Building Award












Fundraising Tablets

Cambridge Public Library Fundraising Tablets

Chesterwood's Seated Lincoln

Chesterwood’s Seated Lincoln














New England Patriots' Ron Burton Award

New England Patriots’ Ron Burton Award



Gridiron Club of Greater Boston

Gridiron Club of Greater Boston
















Chesterwood's Andromeda

Chesterwood’s Andromeda

Harvard University's John Harvard

Harvard University’s John Harvard














International Institute Award

International Institute Award

Chesterwood's Standing Lincoln

Chesterwood’s Standing Lincoln

Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Goat

Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Goat















Appeal to the Great Spirit

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – “Appeal to the Great Spirit”

MA Fallen Firefighters Memorial Award

MA Fallen Firefighters Memorial Award